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A banking system capable of powering an economy. Breaking down every barrier preventing mass adoption, such as usability and accessibility. The GSX App truly banks the unbanked, from cities to villages without electricity to mining camps in the bush.

Combining sub 2 sec transaction speeds with a stable growing value to allow for daily market use.

GSX Payment Platform

GSX Currency


Knox Wire is an international bank to bank settlement system that uses a bidirectional signature to remove intermediaries and speed up a 3 day settlement time to 2 seconds. Speeding up international finance significantly and cutting cash settlement restrictions in half.

Knox Wire

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Why Buy GSX?

What is GSX?

Gold Secured Currency is the first asset in a new genre of decentralized assets called a Growth coin. A growth coin combines most of the best elements of a stable coin, an investment coin and a traditional cryptocurrency into one secured currency.


It’s Backed

GSX is trust backed by land rights and gold. The starting value has been set with the assets backing GSX now with many large scale mines and refineries are being added.

The Backing Assets Grow

There will be a continual increase in amount of mineral rich land land and gold backing of GSX. Of the mines and refineries backing GSX 50% of the metals mined, after expenses and expansion will add to the assets backing GSX, so the asset value continues to grow constantly. Currently the First year minimum asset goal is $7 billion which would make the individual asset value $0.23 USD per GSX, second year is $20 billion in assets making the asset value $0.66 per GSX, the third year goal is 30 billion in assets making the asset value $1 dollar per GSX, this trend should continue along a similar pace.

Unparalleled Mass Adoption Use Cases

GSX is a core asset in a number of new world leading technologies, a Centralised Bank Digital Currency System, and Knox World Wire Platform, the newest, fastest and most effective international wire transfer system.

In essence, GSX combines uses cases of XRP, Cardano and many of the top ten decentralized assets into a single investment.

GSX coin illustration-01.png

Do not invest money you cannot afford to lose. There is considerable exposure to risk in any off-exchange foreign exchange transaction, including, but not limited to, leverage, creditworthiness, limited regulatory protection and market volatility that may substantially affect the price, or liquidity of a currency or currency pair. Users of virtual currency may lose some or all of their investments. The value of virtual currency may change substantially in a short amount of time. Transactions may be irreversible, even if fraudulent or accidental. Quickly changing laws or technical problems can adversely affect the use, transfer, exchange and value of virtual currencies. There may be security risks.

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