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GSX Emerges as Key Player in African Markets

Mass adoption of GSX continues throughout Africa. Its advanced features make it one of the few cryptocurrencies capable of practical use in the marketplace.

Cryptocurrency adoption is much like that of any other technology: The rate at which adoption occurs grows very gradually until about 8-10%, then generally explodes upwards to mass adoption from there. Consider the adoption of the internet in the 1990s. In 1990, only a handful of governments, universities, businesses, and individuals were using the internet. But in the year 2000, everyone had to have a website. Similarly, smartphones were scarce in 2007 when the iPhone was invented, but by 2011 every person over the age of 12 was carrying around the internet in their pocket. Gradually, then suddenly technology booms.

Capitalizing on cutting-edge features and a gap in the African market that’s seemingly perfect for GSX usage is resulting in the continued adoption of GSX in emerging markets. GSX will look to springboard its mass adoption and will grow to even greater levels in more markets throughout the near future.

As mentioned previously, GSX is showing further promise and value across numerous key metrics such as user growth and user retention, which showcases a major upset in the usual Fintech app trend. 2023 is a highly positive year moving forward for mass adoption and we have already worked on improving accessibility and usage growth through new supporting features.

With this in mind, we’re looking towards even greater growth. Each passing month presents new developments and insights that we pioneer or can capitalize on to capture new individual users and markets – from emerging to developed. Gold Secured Currency has been successful with a strategic focus on Africa and developing economies by remaining informed of market needs and presenting a viable GSX-focused solution.

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Written by Tamara Nyoni | Edited by Josh Hutch


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