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GSX Golf Day: Driving Demand for GSX

Gold Secured Currency is hosting our GSX Golf Day on 18 March, 2022. This is a branding and networking event where our team will interact with several Chief Executives from different fields in the Financial Industry to potentially form valuable partnerships with GSX.

Financial Institutions may benefit from the use of GSX directly through holding, or acceptance of GSX for services rendered via our payment platform where GSX can be transferred in 2-seconds at most. Combining superb transfer speeds with the security of our platform will power the next-gen financial capabilities of most businesses and Financial Institutions.

GSX holders will benefit from the higher demand for GSX placed on the market to facilitate these large-scale purchases of GSX for holding or to facilitate daily use through making payments in GSX.

Each GSX Golf Day attendee will have the opportunity to play alongside a Sunshine Tour Pro and will engage with the GSX team to form a better understanding of Gold Secured Currency and the value of partnering with us.

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Authored by: Josh Hutch


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