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GSX Golf Day: A Great Success On & Off the Course

GSX Golf Day - 18 March 2022, Silverlakes Golf Course, South Africa.

Our main goal was to connect with key individuals in top-level businesses to discuss our real-world financial applications of GSX through mass adoption and large-scale commercial usage.

This event also served as a catalyst to improve our exposure and presence in several industries, with a focus on largely impacting industries in Southern Africa.

Throughout the day and concluding with a conference and dinner, we spoke to potential partners about our pioneering products and the positive impact we seek to make in global markets by using GSX to improve everyday business functions.

Thanks to the speed of its blockchain, GSX has other commercial applications such as facilitating stable payments in volatile economies, processing cross-border payments, and increasing settlement speeds across both departments and businesses.

Following this event, GSX is actively pursuing valuable partnerships in the financial, logistics, and mining industries.

These connections and potential partnerships will increase the value of GSX and offer opportunities to greatly increase the profits of partnering businesses.

Thank you Silver Lakes Golf & Wildlife Estate, Sunshine Senior Tour, the pro golfers, the attendees, and our GSX team who made this day a reality.

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Authored by: Josh Hutch


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