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How GSX is Revolutionizing Businesses

Gold Secured Currency is having a positive impact in Harare, Zimbabwe, through the introduction of GSX as a method of payment for SMEs (Small to Medium Enterprises) across multiple industries. Currently, there are over 100 new businesses that have been onboarded to GSX’s payment platform to facilitate daily payments between businesses, customers, and suppliers using GSX. Through this adoption, GSX can offer faster payments and settlements, safe storage or transfer of funds, the capability for cross-border payments, and accessibility to many businesses in need of a reliable payment system.

Working closely with prominent business individuals such as Norbert Mavunga (noted for previously setting up a commodities exchange to assist in the financial wellbeing of farmers in Zimbabwe), GSX is looking to empower SMEs to compete in the mainstream Zimbabwean economy through propriety payment solutions and the benefits associated with GSX.

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Authored by: Josh Hutch


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